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On November 1st, 2007 I purchased 2 Herman Miller Aeron chairs from High Tech Seating. (www.hightechseating.com, 201.386.0200)

I read the website and it stated the chairs were “open box.” I called High Tech Seating to inquire about this and they assured me that the chairs were brand new and were called open box because they receive the chairs and then reship them in different boxes.

I ordered the chairs and when I received them they were not what I had ordered. One of the chairs was defective; the back would not lock. The chair was also discontinued. These chairs had the thumb wheel to adjust the arms. The new models have a lever to adjust the arms. I called Herman Miller and spoke with Rachel. Rachel stated that these chairs were discontinued on June 7th, 2004 and they no longer sell them. (www.hermanmiller.com, 800.646.4400)

When I spoke with Sara, the President of High Tech Seating, she assured me that the chairs are no more than six months old. This is false considering these chairs were last made in 2004.

I was deceived and misinformed. I was told by Sara that I would be refunded shipping costs on the defective chair. This did not happen because when High Tech Seating received the chair it was somehow no longer defective.

High Tech Seating is not an authorized dealer which means the Herman Miller chairs do not have a warranty. The website does not state that these chairs are over 3 years old nor does it say they are selling discontinued models. I was lead to believe that my purchase would be backed by the manufacturer, which it is not. There is no way I would buy a 3 year old chair which is discontinued and without a warranty.



I too bought a Herman Miller Aeron chair from High Tech Seating and it has broken in less than 2 years.There is no one answering the phone at the High Tech.

When I called the manufacturer, they said their usual 12 year warranty does not hold with this retailer.DO NOT BUY FROM HIGH TECH SEATING.



Ditto, the site says 12 year warranty (which is what Herman Miller's warranty is).The seat cracked and I shipped back (my cost) for warranty work as they (High Tech) assured me warranty was still applicable.

THEN, get a email stating this is not covered under the warranty.

Herman Miller states that if I had bought the chair throught an authorized retailer, the seat WOULD be covered under warranty.I feel that they were deceptive and will never buy from them again.


:upset The counter stool is not what I ordered.Stool is fit for a child not an adult.I hate this counter stool.

Returning stool is costing me $70.00 an $70.00 for which I was told was free shipping.Plus 30% restocking fee. This was my first time ordering from internet an LAST time. Buyer be WARE you are being robbed. I am calling crime stoppers on tv.

this is consumer fraud. Stool was $399.00. by the way.

This is no way to conduct business.I feel like a fool,because only a fool would order under these terms.

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